Ogeeku Live! – Spooky Specials

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Hey Interwebs! It’s October – a month filled with ghosts, goblins, and risque Princess costumes!

Damn you (and Thank You), Leg Avenue!

I personally would love to celebrate Halloween every day in October, so I demanded yesterday that we begin a Spooky Specials series for Ogeeku Live!

Each Thursday night, we’ll be playing classic Super Nintendo games that go bump in the night… Our first for this month was the unbelievably awesome (and difficult) Capcom title, Demon’s Crest!

Watch live video from Ogeeku Live! on Justin.tv

We have three more Spooky Specials broadcasts to finish out the month, so we want to know what horror/thriller/scaryish-themed SNES title do you want to see us play? We discussed rocking some Castlevania or Zombies Ate My Neighbors action, but we are open to suggestions! Think of your absolute favorite and post it in the comments below!

We look forward to seeing you at each broadcast, and on Saturdays as well!

If you don't show up, we will send Fail Master Chief out to find you.

ALSO: Invite all of your friends to join us here on Ogeeku and at the live casts, because we want every Thursday night from here until the end of the month to be a Halloween party! As an added incentive, you will earn 20 Ogeeku Points for every person you invite who signs up on the site! BAM!


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  1. Posted by SvenTS, at Reply
    Avatar image

    Zombies Ate My Neighbors definitely. Clock Tower – but I don’t think that got ported over and was just a fan translated rom.

  2. Posted by ThunderCaya, at Reply

    20 points per friend? This would be a good time to have friends.

  3. Posted by Tyler, at Reply

    I’d still like to see you guys finish Demon’s Crest, Grewon was quite the rough customer and I’d just love to see you try to beat the secret final boss. I can’t really think of any other horror SNES games that haven’t been mentioned, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  4. Posted by Sam Kirsch, at Reply

    How about Grabbed by the Ghoulies

  5. Posted by Snotsnit, at Reply
    Avatar image

    Grim Fandango

    • Posted by Jeff Gallo, at Reply

      I don’t want people asking me about Grim Fandango.

      • Posted by SvenTS, at Reply
        Avatar image

        Of course that comment now makes me want to know why – which would in turn be asking you about Grim Fandango. :P

  6. Posted by DukeKataron, at Reply

    I can’t think of many horror-based SNES games. The obvious ones have already been discussed, Castlevania, Zombies Ate My Neighbours. A lot of games had some horror elements, like the circus thing in Earthbound or the town that gets filled with zombies every night in Breath of Fire, but none of them seemed to focus on it.

    Too bad the SNES was before the age of Resident Evils and Silent Hills. Ah well.