Cosplay Decision 2011-And the Winner is. . .

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epic screen cap is epic

Indeed. With over 80 votes out of 216, Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell has won this years Cosplay Decision. Thank you everyone for voting! As I mentioned in the video, I will be doing her look from the Stand Alone Complex series. However, I’ve decided to do two different outs from S.A.C.:

It’s pretty much the same except with pants and a different jacket.

I HOPE to have this ready by Comikaze on November 5-6 of this year. Yet, considering it’s less then a month away, I may not make it in time so she may have to wait until the convention after that. But I will try my hardest to get her done on time!!! I have you all as a motivation. Expect a play-by-play on the build coming up here soon. Again, thanks for voting!

hmm. maybe in the future...

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  1. Posted by The Laughing Man, at Reply

    This is relevant to my interests. If it’s not done by the time Comikaze rolls around I’ll just hack people’s brains to make them think that it’s done.

  2. Posted by SvenTS, at Reply
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    Next time, Tellah, next time! :P

    Looking forward to this though.

    • Posted by Snotsnit, at Reply
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      Lack of Tellah makes me a sad pony :( But I guess this will have to do for now

  3. Posted by Tyler, at Reply

    I’ve wanted to cosplay myself for years, but I’m finding it hard to get started. Hopefully the play-by-play will give me some insight.

  4. Posted by EDRider, at Reply

    Is it just me but you sound a lot like Michelle Ruff.

  5. Posted by DukeKataron, at Reply

    Still disappointed that this didn’t end up being Tellah. That would have been super sexy. I guess this will be all right too.