Ogeeku Live – The FFII Broadcast to End All FFII Broadcasts

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James feels really bad about not being able to get the broadcast system to work last Saturday for the scheduled Ogeeku Live.

Sad Keyboard Cat James is Sad.

So bad, that yesterday while we were shooting some test footage for an upcoming SMBC Theater sketch, he proclaimed words that made me extremely happy:

“Jon, I want to do a broadcast earlier this week to make up for Saturday. I want to beat Final Fantasy II.”

Well, I think he said something to that extent. I’m not quite sure as I was (by that point) completely overtaken by several Theraflu pills and a permanent coating of Vicks Vaporub due to the typical post-convention sickness.

Actual photo of Jon on October 17th, 2011

So this Wednesday, starting at 2pm 12pm PST, James Ashby and I will be going on the air for Ogeeku Live! with the goal of finishing Final Fantasy II (aka IV) for Super Nintendo. From what we discussed, we will be playing it until we can beat it.

Can we do it? Maybe. Should you tune in to see us attempt? ABSOLUTELY.

Be sure to tell all your friends to join us and engage in the chat room during this broadcast – A fun time will be had by all!

Brocobos Unite!

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  1. Posted by DukeKataron, at Reply

    My God. It’s times like this I’m glad I’m unemployed and have no friends. I WILL SEE YOU THERE.

  2. Posted by Tyler, at Reply

    Curses, I may be up to 2 horus late, hopefully my lab finishes early and I’m only 30 minutes or so late…

    • Posted by Tyler, at Reply

      hours* damn these fingers! And damn Cisco routers and there configurations!

  3. Posted by Spencer, at Reply

    You best be going all day, I don’t get home from work until a couple hours after the broadcast starts.

  4. Posted by SvenTS, at Reply
    Avatar image

    Yep I’ll be working until 4pm PST. On the other hand from watching James and how easily he gets distracted from where he’s supposed to go next I might still be able to catch the end. Especially depending on how much moon grinding he’ll have to do from fleeing so many fights.

  5. Posted by Snotsnit, at Reply
    Avatar image

    Won’t get home till 5.

  6. Posted by El Bastardo, at Reply

    Occupy James!

  7. Posted by SvenTS, at Reply
    Avatar image

    This title was a lie! #OccupyJames

  8. Posted by DukeKataron, at Reply

    You guys tried, but didn’t come through. We’re all disappointed and sad now. Crushed, even. But photoshopping a large number of propaganda pictures was a damn good time.