#OCCUPYJAMES Fan Art-splosion!

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During our 11 hour-long Final Fantasy II (IV) broadcast on Wednesday, James Ashby came into control of 5 billion Ogeeku Points.

Art by fearlessfosdick

Artist interpretation of the event.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I earn only 5 points per day for visiting the site, and only several more for comments, forum posts, adding friends, and posting content – WHAT GIVES!?!”

Well, don’t worry, there are hordes who agree with you. That’s why our community started the #OCCUPYJAMES movement.

But of course with any movement, there is always opposition. A small group banded together to form #SupportJames, and even more formed additional subgroups.

Below is a slide show of some of the propaganda that was submitted during the broadcast, and some that has been popping up around the interwebs from community members.

Want to see your propaganda art on here? Send it to Jon.

Also: Be sure to tune in today at 3pm for the grand finale of James’ play-through of Final Fantasy II(IV)!

Next game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!!

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  1. Posted by OkamiWaffles, at Reply

    I love the pictures and references. Oh the hilarity!

  2. Posted by Jeff Gallo, at Reply

    You people are so disgusting. This is just flat out offensive. #TeamJames. >:C

  3. Posted by OkamiWaffles, at Reply

    Fuck all, #OccupyJames. I got your back Jon.

  4. Posted by Jeff Gallo, at Reply

    I spit on this the way Iron Sheik spits on America. ACH-TOOIE!

    • Posted by Snotsnit, at Reply
      Avatar image


  5. Posted by DukeKataron, at Reply

    Glorious. A good chunk of those may have been mine.

    Sorry about that spear one, Jon.


    • Posted by Snotsnit, at Reply
      Avatar image

      A glorious chunk were min

  6. Posted by Alisha Miller, at Reply

    My paint drawing looks so terrible. XD