SMBC Theater – Used Car Salesman

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This week on SMBC Theater, Adam (host of “Fuzzy Memories”) and Sam (host of “Sundays with Sam”) find themselves in an homage to vaudeville.

Be sure to catch their live shows at 8pm Thursdays and 6pm Sundays, respectively, over on Nerd Castle Live!

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  1. Posted by Margot, at Reply

    This sketch is awesome ! I’ve watched it like four times already ! But maybe that’s because Adam and Sam are in it, I don’t know. ;)

  2. Posted by Felip_Ars, at Reply

    Cool to see a new cast in SMBC. I imagine one hell of a sketch where all the old and new cast join in for an almighty video!!!

  3. Posted by Justin Constable, at Reply

    Hilarious, great job guys keep it up!