Cosplay Round-Up: Week of March 4th

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Another week, another round-up of delightful cosplay. Enjoooooy~

1: Kasumi, by BunnyAyumi

Dead or Alive has spawned many sex symbols in gaming, and Kasumi might possibly be the most recognizable. This cosplayer knows what she’s playing and embraces it.

2: Batman and Catwoman

I’ll be honest, the image makes me a little sick (milk just gives me the ol’ heebie jeebies) but their Bat and Cat latex builds are fantastic.

3: Urd, Oh My Goddess

After sifting through so much bad cosplay on the internet, there tend to be a few diamonds that pop out. This cosplay restored my faith in humanity (and its ability to build costumes).

4: Gaston

To create a proper Gaston, you need:
+ One part Hasslehoff,
+ One part creeper,
+ One part Duane -

Mix thoroughly. Enjoy scaring away women with how realistic you’ve made an animated character.

5: Yuuko, XXXHolic

From exquisite handpainted elements (check out those clouds) to incredible construction, VickyBunnyAngel makes us happy.

BONUS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Terrier

This pup belongs in a fearsome fighting team. Well done, Sparky!

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  1. Posted by Chris Johnson, at Reply

    Wow, that Urd costume is amazing.

    It takes an impossible combination of elements and makes them look perfectly natural. (of course she has wings and ridiculous sleeve/glove thingies and one leg covering, why wouldn’t she?)

  2. Posted by Spencer, at Reply

    Urd just isn’t the same if she isn’t as brown as brown can be.