Cosplay Round-Up: Week of March 25

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Hello, fellow Ogeeku!

This week brought many great things – from Charlotte’s Birthday to a Chinese Transformer Theme Park to this NSFW 1970s treasure trove of cosplay photos. It also brought us some pretty epictastic cosplay from around the interwebs.

5. Firiona Vie, Everquest

4.Nova, Starcraft

3. Chihiro, Spirited Away

2. Mass Effect

1. Umbrella Corporation

Also, if you’re into REAAAAALLLLLY good cosplay, you need to check out the Spiral Cats Team.

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  1. Posted by DukeKataron, at Reply

    Those are great. Particularly fond of the Nova one, but I’m big on that game. And the Umbrella ones are great, too. I wish I had a badass gas mask like that.

    And there are some DAMN good pictures on that Spiral Cats website. Pretty ladies in costumes? Yes please.

  2. Posted by dreadpiratedan, at Reply

    mind = blown. i need to cosplay. i need to be one of these people ^_^