D D&D: Original Series on Ogeeku

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We are huge fans of tabletop games here at Ogeeku. To showcase our love for all things roleplaying, we have teamed up with the creative team of Michelle and Yume from Bubble Punch for a ridiculous experience we are calling:

DD&D (Drunk Dungeons and Dragons)

The new series will reside on Ogeeku’s YouTube channel and feature a full play-through of a session of D&D with one experienced DM (in this case Jon Brence) and a group of inexperienced intoxicated geeks. The result: CHAOS.

Who are the geeks we chose? Meet the amazing cast below:

Be sure to subscribe to Ogeeku on YouTube and don’t miss the premiere of the series on September 1st, 2013!

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  1. Posted by thisisblogcountry, at Reply

    I am so there.

  2. Posted by Keith Walton, at Reply

    Darn, you had me at DD&D, but then I realized it wasn’t just about large chested women and dragons :(

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