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Tonight was the Launch Extravaganza party for OnchMovement‘s Perfectasy, a magical pop-up shop takeover of the meido kafe-inspired Royal/T in Culver City, CA. I had the privilege of checking it out before the crowds pour in over the course of the next month, and I must say, if you love all things Kawaii, you must come here!

When I first walked in, I couldn’t help but have a huge smile come across my face when I noticed a large tea pot on my right with a group of ama-loli enjoying pastries. Had I just been transported to my super-happiness-zone in the heart of Japan? I think so!

Made of win.

OnchMovement’s signature pieces shine on display in the center area of Royal/T, alongside flying gum ball machines and original nom-inspired sculptures (ex: a giant hamburger that I almost took a bite out of during the party…shh…don’t tell…). The colorful and imaginative products pop out in the space and yet seem to be a perfect fit for the Akihabara-style cafe. Dare I say it was a match made in heaven?

Mmmm...Looks delicious!

To make the evening completely magical, two mystical creatures were present at the festivities. First, there was a Mermaid (who was gorgeous by the way – my crappy iPhone photos definitely didn’t do her justice). And secondly, there was a Unicorn.

That’s right. A real Unicorn.

Thought they were extinct? Oh no. Not in Onch’s World.

BEHOLD...A Unicorn!

The Perfectasy Launch Extravaganza was the first of five events that will be hosted at Royal/T during OnchMovement’s pop up shop stay. If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, make sure to stop by during the day for some tea, a quick shopping spree/bite, or for one of these awesome events:

August 7th @ 12pm: StART + Onch: Celebrity Shrines – Create a pocket-sized shrine to your own celebrity muse!
August 18th, 6-10pm: Rainbows and Cowboys – Fashion preview by PetroZilla and T.Rains.
August 21st, 10am-1pm: Bacon Bonanza Brunch! – Special Bacon-themed menu to match OnchMovement’s Meat-cessories line.
August 31st, 6-10pm: Closing Night Cabaret! – Over-the-top Cabaret night! Costumes encouraged!

Tonight’s preview/launch event was an absolute blast filled with colorful friends, tons of candy, and an original drink at the bar that was quite possibly the most delicious thing I had tasted in ages. I even picked up an Onch Pop necklace this evening for myself. What do you think Interwebs?

My attempt at a MySpace style photo = Success.

A big thank you to OnchMovement for inviting Ogeeku to the event, but most of all for bringing these beautiful products to the real world.

Support this amazing independent artist by visiting OnchMovement’s webstore here, and you can find out more about Royal/T Cafe at their website!

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