Nostalgia – A Super-Quick T-Shirt Review

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I take no shame in admitting that I look back on the early to mid-nineties with great fondness. It was a period filled with Saturday morning cartoons, Sega Genesis and incredible adventures within my overactive imagination. When I saw this t-shirt from, I knew that I had to make it mine. Its whimsical design is a love letter to everything that made my childhood memorable, and took me back to the days when I could make whole weekends pass with little more than a crayon and some paper.

Unfortunately, as with most American Apparel shirts, the sizes are a bit on the small side. The large I usually wear was definitely tight, but the cotton was soft, so it was a comfortable fit, even if bystanders were getting an all-access view of my love handles.

Definitely check these guys out – they have a design for every type of nerd. Just make sure you order one size above your usual.

With this shirt, I feel like I can take on the world.

In my next article: A panoramic photo of my path of destruction.