Ogeeku Live: Final Fantasy II – Part 2

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The people are shouting from their rooftops: Everyone is loving Ogeeku Live!

For those of you who haven’t hopped in on the latest internet phenomenon yet, well, now is your chance!

We have been live broadcasting our playthrough of Final Fantasy II for the past two Saturdays and intend to continue until it is complete!

Zach "Antlion" Weiner confirms it, "WE SHALL NOT FAIL!"

Is it a challenge? Sort of. Are we entertaining during it? Somewhat. Do you have the chance to win Ogeeku Points during each broadcast with super awesome trivia? ABSOLUTELY!

You can watch the replay of this past Saturday’s Final Fantasy II broadcast below, as well as our brief jumps into Xenogears and Little Big Planet afterwards!

Part 1:

Watch live video from Ogeeku Live! on Justin.tv

Part 2 (Broadcast dropped out):

Watch live video from Ogeeku Live! on Justin.tv
Part 3 (Little Big Planet – After additional network problems – BAHHH!):

Watch live video from Ogeeku Live! on Justin.tv

We also have a second weekly broadcast where we take your suggestions and do the best we can to find those games to play during the week.

Tune in this Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST for Super Mario Bros Action!!! (Hopefully with our super cool new video feed equipment – HURRY UP, AMAZON!)

7 replies
  1. Jeff Gallo
    Jeff Gallo says:

    Had a blast yet again. I really enjoyed when you guys played a couple other games after FFII. Though watching you play LBP was a bit rough. That entire world is pretty annoying; but it is the last one so I guess it’s supposed to be difficult.

  2. James LaFreniere
    James LaFreniere says:

    I can’t believe I missed it again. I must thank you all for recording the shows because if not where would I get my weekly dose of video game hilarity? Gonna load it up in a few seconds and if James is there to provide comic relief then I am sure to enjoy. Cheers!

  3. James LaFreniere
    James LaFreniere says:

    Okay, since I cannot edit my posts I’m gonna throw a few things out there… “You spoony Bard” turned into a catchphrase for my friends when anyone acted oddly. Xenogears… fuck yah. I mean really the cutscenes that showed blood in it during an era where censorship ran rampant.

    Also, great job guys. Keep it up and hopefully I can drop in live next week and chat with y’all.

  4. Roger
    Roger says:

    You mentioned the ChipIn for the Ogeeku store during this. I was wondering if you’re going to do an article on what sort of stuff the store could feature and how it will work?

    Also I didn’t notice the ChipIn until I turned my adblocker off, so some people might still not know about it.

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