Bored with Anime and Manga? Is there a cure?

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In fact, yes. Its true. I’ve become somewhat bored with anime and manga at the moment. Over the years, I’ve been borderline obsessed with the genre. The Funimation Channel was my best friend throughout high school up until now. With Netflix, free streaming and fan translations, there shouldn’t be a reason not to view any. Yet, this past year, I’ve found myself not really engaging as much and criticizing a series every time I watch one; whether I’ve seen it or not. I was an avid manga reader reading something every night. I would make sure I made time for my weekly series I kept up with; most notably One Piece, my favorite series. I haven’t read it in three months.

Leaving me to my own thoughts can result in disaster. Just wait.

I don’t know what the issue is but it really bugs and confuses me (please refer to the feature image). I mean, c’mon! I love this stuff! Perhaps it’s the lack of ‘wow’ content I’ve noticed in the community. There’s only a couple of newer series that actually impress me. Am I too picky? Is this punishment for despising a series like Naruto and Bleach? Last year, I discovered SO MANY amazing series that I became obsessed with; Claymore, Devil May Cry, Heroic Age, Sengoku Basara and Baccano!, just to name a few. I’ve watched these over and over and they soon grew tiring. Except Baccano!. That is perhaps the best anime of all time.

Dear God! Why didn't Baccano! continue on?!?!

Perhaps I don’t have the time I did. This Ogeeku is super busy lately by working twice as much now with a new position, the website and costume supplies and pieces. Yet, I still don’t see that as a valid excuse. I am playing video games more *cough*six hours of Kingdom Hearts in a day*cough*. So I’m ruling the whole time thing out.

I have thought about the fact that I don’t have enough anime/manga friends. Oh believe me, I have plenty online and those who live stupidly far away. I can count on one hand the number of people I actively talk anime with in person. I find it rather sad, actually. I’m also a HUGE fan of cosplaying and I probably know 2 people who cosplay. I like engaging with people about our interests. Sorry to say, but unlike most geeks, the internet doesn’t always do it for me. I CRAVE interaction. I think that’s why I love conventions so much. Fellow nerds dressed in nerd attire getting to gather talking about nerdy stuff.


There is a glimmer of hope. My fellow local Ogeekus still have faith in my anime love by drowning me in series I haven’t seen. I’m looking forward to Chrome Shield Regios, more Air Gear, and Needless. Thanks Jay, Talon and Andy. This is a special shout out for you!

you guys really do for putting up with me XD

Also, if there’s any series anyone wants to throw on my plate, I open to suggestions! Comment below.

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  1. DukeKataron
    DukeKataron says:

    I myself am actually just getting back into anime after…Probably over a year or so where I just didn’t watch anything at all. I used to watch it all the time with one of my roommates before he moved out, but since then I just haven’t been up for it until I started hanging around this site. Now in the past two weeks, I’ve watched Gurren Lagann, the first season of Sengoku Basara (I just love that intro at the very beginning with all the dancing soldiers), and bits and pieces of both Sket Dance (thanks @marque , the anime is great so far) and Angel Beats (thanks @stoicmani ) which I binged half of just last night.

    So if you find it boring for a bit now, you’ll probably get back into it again later!

    And oh yes, Baccano! was fantastic. It was recommended to me by an anime chat thing on a streaming site I used to spend all of my free time on. Don’t judge. They also made me watch something called…When They Cry Higurashi or something. If you haven’t seen it and you’re into weird shit, I’d go with that.

    • Charlotte Parker
      Charlotte Parker says:

      i would never judge! i;ve seen when they cry. it’s fucked up. i finished it for the sheer curiosity on how it would end. the whole plot and idea isn’t really that appealing to me, unfortunately. i thought i would like it more.

  2. Joshua
    Joshua says:

    Ive had a similar problem recently. look into a series called wakfu its not traditional anime being that its french but after seeing their animation quality it makes nearly all anime look cheap in comparison because they have amazing production quality and it looks like there is love put into their work, it doesn’t feel like the whole series a generic over used anime trope. i mean up until roughly last year i would watch an entire random anime series each week and Ive seen of all of both Naruto’s up to day bleach, 400 episodes of one piece (when i originally downloaded it 5 years ago the fan subers screwed me over they released the first 26 in Eng dub then suddenly switched the next 300 to Japanese with Spanish subs i stupidly got the first 10 seen it was English then downloaded the rest =/ and due to this error i was never really interested in trying to find a complete set again)

  3. David
    David says:

    I’ve been coming back to the anime and manga scene after a 3 year absence. I think it’s something more along the lines of “Too much of a good thing” of overexposure or too many other outlets to pour time towards. I know I’ve spent more than a large chunk of time doing -nothing- on the internet.

    As far as good series I’ve enjoyed recently… Baccano! is great, obviously. Ergo Proxy was… interesting. School Rumble and Jyuohsei. Kino no Tabi. And someone sent me an old Amazing gem of Sexy Commando.

  4. Francis Nuñez Carrero
    Francis Nuñez Carrero says:

    I recently finished Steins;Gate from last season, I write for a website dedicated to nerds n geeks based in NYC and I handle the Anime/Manga section, I’ve been trying to do a weekly article on what I call the Anime/Manga of the week, where I choose an Anime/Manga that I feel is underrated and should be watched more, I then proceed to review and recommend it xD! If you want you can check it out, I feel so dumb linking to the site I write for here cuz I don’t want to shamelessly promote myself on another site doing the same thing I do xD!

    My twitter is @tensec if you want send me a message and I’ll send you the articles

    Off the top of my head I can recommend, Baka to Test to Shokanjou, Kuragehime (jellyfish princess) Hajime no Ippo, Beck, Steins;Gate, Scryed, from the new season that just started BenTo and Kimi to Boku ^^

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