Horror Anime-It's a Bloody Good Time

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A fare warning: This article contains violent and bloody images and videos. Not for the faint of heart or easily offended please. Videos may also contain spoilers.

The wonderful month of October brings us many joys the rest of the year unfortunately cannot compare with. We are blessed with beautiful orange moons, the smell of pumpkins, more candy than we know what to do with, an excuse to dress up everyday, and a never-ending urge to watch violent, disgusting and completely fucked up shows and movies.

You know you like it.

As any anime fan knows, Japan has some pretty intense and horrific animes. Yet, the horror genre of anime isn’t really quite like the genre out here in the US. At times, horror themed anime can be quite beautiful; from the crimson color of blood splatter seeping out of a torn to the glowing eyes of the demon who ripped out said throat tied in with a compelling and actual story line, anime has the right idea when it comes to horror. At other times, there are those so disturbing I feel I have to question my own humanity. I’m looking at you Higurashi.

then again...

The following are a few series’ I find rather appreciate during this month.

~Highschool of the Dead
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who was waiting for a really good zombie anime. H.O.T.D. was originally a manga created in 2006; I hadn’t even heard of something like it back then. The story is centered around a group of high school students caught in the middle of the zombie apocalypse destined to fight it out together. Combined with humor, violence, weapons of all sorts, tons of fan service and of course, zombies, H.O.T.D. was destined to be under the title of an ‘ultimate series’. Sometimes the fan service is a little too much for me however. But that’s hat a lot of men like, right?

With the whole zombie craze taking over the horror genre, it wasn’t long before H.O.T.D. was was discovered by anime and zombie fans alike. Then, out of no where, it was announced that there would be an anime adaptation of the suddenly popular series. Come to think of it, I believe it was me who told all my guy friends about it. It’s definitely a must watch.

~Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry)
Take one new guy, pair him up with the ‘typical’ harem of five seemingly normal, cheerful girls, put them in a remote mountain town with a secret and you’ve got Higurashi. Oh, don’t forget to add weapons, torture devices, mass murder and psychotic intentions. This anime started off as a game series then adapted into a manga and novel series, then made into an anime. I for one simply cannot follow all this story has to offer due to so many versions, universes and story lines. The thing I liked most about Higurashi, was the fact at how mentally deranged the characters were.

Something is seriously not right here. . . Especially since the characters usually act like ‘typical’ anime characters in the ‘typical’ situations. Each episode starts off like a normal situation with them ending with a brutal death scene. If you’re a fan blood and psychotic and tormented school girls, this may be something for you. Just try not to read too much into the story. You may hate yourself afterwards.

Quite possibly the best horror and vampire series I’ve ever seen, Hellsing‘s main plot consists of Englands elite underground Hellsing Organization, run by Sir Intergra Hellsing, as it tries to keep the kingdom peaceful by doing away with supernatural beings such as vampires and ghouls. Ironically, their secret weapon happens to be the original and most powerful vampire known to all, The Vampire Alucard. Along with his progeny Sreas Victoria, and Sir Integra’s right hand man, Walter Dornez, the four make a deadly team of skilled fighters no one should cross paths with. Let’s not forget the derranged priest who keeps coming after Alucard. Thank God he does; we would have nearly as many amazing fights as this one:

Hellsing started as a manga over 10 years ago and was adapted into an anime series a few years later, following its own story line rather than the original. In 2008, we got a real treat with Hellisng Ultimate, an OVA series the follows the original more closely. Ultimate isn’t an understatement. The animation is sharper, the fight scenes are wickedly more brutal, and the English dub is actually better than the Japanese. *waits for rocks*

For your consideration:
~Elfen Lied
~Trinity Blood

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  1. Spencer
    Spencer says:

    Although I was looking forward to it, I couldn’t get past a single episode of HSoTD, the massive amount of fan service was a huge turnoff, if I really wanted to watch something for sexual stimulus, I’d watch anime that was meant for it.

    I demand more Zombies.

  2. DukeKataron
    DukeKataron says:

    I’ve never seen Highschool of the Dead, but now I’m very interested. The other ones, I’ve already seen and loved. Higurashi was really intense, and if you’re remotely interested, just watch the first little story arc. It’s just four episodes, and it freaked the shit out of me. I enjoyed the rest of the first season, but the first arc was the one that really stuck with me.

    Hellsing is of course awesome, although I don’t think I’ve seen the OVA’s. I’ll have to get around to that this month.

    Also with your list at the end, Elfen Lied and Gantz are certainly fucked up and entertaining, and I don’t think I’ve seen Trinity Blood or Claymore. More animes to tack onto the list!

    Also I don’t remember how freaky they were, but two other vampire-type animes I enjoyed were Black Blood Brothers and Blood+. Especially Black Blood Brothers. Man I want that anime to have a sequel.

    • Charlotte Parker
      Charlotte Parker says:

      You MUST watch the OVA’s. especially since it’s Halloween time. that clip is from one of the OVA episodes. Like I mentioned, it’s way more brutal and intense. I didn’t mention this in the article because I could go on and on about Hellsing, but it was my first manga I read. I was so happy when Ultimate came out.

  3. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    As an avid horror fan, I definitely need to check out these animes. I saw all of HOTD, and as a zombie lover(since before it was mainstream ;P) I was disappointed. I got so excited for a zombie anime, but all I got were very risqué scenes with little emphasis on the zombies. I understand people love the survivor perspective and everything, but it gets stale fast.

    I have never heard of Higurashi, I must check it out. Hellsing I never heard much about so hadn’t checked it out, I shall though. Elfen Lied everyone should see. It’s 12 episodes (13 including OVA) and the story is phenomenal. I can deal with nudity in movies and anime, so the few scenes weren’t a problem, plus it’s not done in a perverted way, more of a “it’s something that happens” kind of way.

    Claymore… I did not care for. The anime was completely repetitive and honestly very lacking in plot. I have heard very good things about the manga however and have considered checking it out. Personal opinion on the anime, don’t waste your time. Same with Akira, the movie was god awful for story, the manga was, IS my favourite manga to date.

    In conclusion, I will admit some dubs MAY be bearable, but I have yet to come across any that were better. This of course is, ultimately, an opinion.

    • Charlotte Parker
      Charlotte Parker says:

      Higurashi is a definite must then if you love horror. Like I mentioneed though, there are many different ‘universes’ and such, and they are broken up into arcs containing no more than 4 episodes or so.

      I actually didn’t like Akira that much either. It bored me. As for Claymore, yeah it’s repetitive in some aspects but I guess since I like the manga so much I took a liking to the anime.

      And go watch Hellsing. Now. Just go. Then, watch Ultimate.

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