A Quick List of Games Currently Grabbing My Attention

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I’ve had a few recent moments where I played some select console games only to throw my controller across the room and listen to “Mad World” out of sheer irony. Lets face it, this past summer was not really the best for the gaming world say for a few select titles.

No, you are not the king. And not surprisingly, neither was your comeback. kthxbye

HOWEVER! The gods have smiled upon us this fall with more titles than the average nerds wallet can handle. Being part of such an industry (and having friends with more money than me), I am able to hide in my hollow and play such delicacies. Here’s a short and sweet list of each game I think deserves a shout out. I have not completed any of these, so no spoilers!

Uncharted 3
Nathan Drake; that rugged stud is back for another adventure that is bound to get him in trouble. Sweet, sweet trouble just for us to bail his hot ass out of. Part action/adventure, part rpg, part shooter and all amazing, the Uncharted series is by far one of the best Playstation 3 only games. When I first played as Drake in Drake’s Fortune, my mind was a flutter with the question, ‘So, it IS possible to have a Playstation male lead not part of the Final Fantasy series?’ Of coarse there are others out there, but Drake just stands out more than they do.

Accept it.

Batman: Arkham City
Gah! Another Batman summary thing, right? Wrong! You obviously know what this game is about. You did watch Adam’s playthrough that whole time, riiight? The Batman definitely deserves our respect for all the crap we put him through. While I personally believe the graphics could’ve been a little more improved, Arkham City has given me something more than what its previous title had. The story is where it’s at. The fight between Ra’s Al Ghul was intense, creative and just plain wonderful. Especially when I stole the controller from a friend who was obviously having a little trouble. Never fear, for I am here to kick his ass so you don’t have to!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What she said.

Professor Layton and the Last Spector
Amongst all of the action, violence bad language and sheer amazement we’ve seen this fall, one game sticks out like a whore in church. The Professor Layton series, if you don’t know, centers around a Professor and his student solving mysteries involving puzzles. Sounds pretty boring right? Well not when there are at least 100 puzzles in every game, each one harder than the last. They are evil, tricky bastards that would make even the smartest of Chinese graduates blush. Adults like me who have been out of high school for a couple of years have forgotten simple things like math. These games make me feel stupid at times because the answer is right f*cking there! And yet, I absolutely love them! I play them to feel smart. Not only that, but the story about the British professor and his tiny lackey as the mosey on from village to village is a breath of fresh air. The stories are more than they appear, however, having at most times something to do with eerie and dark aspects of another character. Not necessary the villain.

Um, what?

Dark Souls

Ooooh baby. Praise it.

There you have it. The newest games I am currently enthralled in. Next?

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  1. DukeKataron
    DukeKataron says:

    I’ve never really played any of the Uncharted games. I’ve never had a PS3, or a 360 for that matter, so most console games that have not found themselves ported over to the PC have eluded me. Looking forward to testing the waters with Skyrim, but I’m waiting for a new graphics card first. Should be sometime before Christmas, if I’m lucky. In the mean-time, I’ll stick to my vaaaaaast collection of Steam games. And hey, I have to go through Morrowind and Oblivion again before getting into Skyrim, right? I mean, I have to because I’m obsessive and weird. I guess most people wouldn’t.

  2. Logan
    Logan says:

    I’ve only played skyrim, Professor Layton, and Batman, now this just my opinion, but Skyrim is confusing, Professor Layton is a really fun game, but if you quit on puzzles or dislike them with a great intensity, then I would recommend Batman, for me it’s just pure fun running around hearing people say “Don’t worry, Batman isn’t going to show up.” And then drop kicking them in the face and watching them be scared out of their minds, also nice fluttershy picture.

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