Brodie's Guide to Planeswalking: Zevon's Crew

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Full disclosure: I love werewolves.  They have always been one of my favorite mythological creatures.  We have seen several interpretations of werewolves over the years, but my favorite is of Jacob Black.  He has nice muscles.  I kinda wish that werewolves sparkled in the moon.  That would be freakin AWESOME.


We don't need no succulent vampire chicks in tight leather. Also: Boobies.

Beware! The woods at night! Beware! The lunar light!  In this edition of BGtP, I will enable you to be the hairiest brute in town.  Command a group of bloodthirsty werewolves and send a terrifying chill of fear down your opponent’s back.  Also: pee on trees.  Hell… pee wherever you want for that matter…  Who is gonna tell a werewolf where he can or can’t pee?  This is ZEVON’S CREW!

Unholy water. Sanguine addiction. Those silver bullets. A last blood benediction.

If you’re new to Magic or a seasoned veteran, hopefully you can pick up some pointers from my deck building tutorials.  I will outline each individual card in the deck, and I will give a snippet of why that card fits in.  I will give you some strategies and combos that will help you climb to the top.  Just click on the card name and you’ll be magically transported to a site that gives you a visual of the card and the opportunity to buy the cards.  Its like I’m doing all the work for you.  SUPER GOOD WAY COOL AMAZING DEAL!!!!!




3x Reckless Waif / Merciless Predator – This is a criminally overlooked card in my opinion.  The odds of your opponent casting a spell on the first turn are pretty low.  With her cheap cost, you can drop her on the first turn.  If your opponent can’t prevent her from transforming, you’ve got yourself a nice 3/2 on the second turn to send your opponent packing.

1x Afflicted Deserter / Werewolf Ransacker -When he transforms, he can make quick work of a pesky artifact, and he does damage in the process.

1x Pyreheart Wolf – When he attacks, all other attacking creatures require an additional blocker before they can be fully intercepted. Five snarling werewolves charging in for the kill? You do the math.  His undying ability keeps him alive a bit longer as well.

2x Instigator Gang / Wildblood Pack – The gang will give your creatures bark, but the pack gives them bite!

2x Kruin Outlaw / Terror of Kruin Pass – A 2/2 with First Strike isnt bad, but she has the ability to blossom into a 3/3 double strike and grants the same ability as Pyreheart Wolf.  Nice.

2x Village Ironsmith / Ironfang – A cheap prospect with first strike.

2x Mondronen Shamen / Tovalar’s Magehunter – Nothing special until she is transformed.  Every time an opponent casts a spell, she mauls him/her for 2 damage.

2x Mayor of Avabruck / Howlpack Alpha – He can bolster both transformed and human creatures.  He can quickly pump out 2/2 wolf tokens as well.

1x Lambholt Elder / Silverpelt Werewolf – Do damage. Draw a card.  Who doesn’t like drawing cards?

2x Scorned Villager / Moonscarred Werewolf – Manaramp, son.  Manaramp.

2x Wolfbitten Captive / Krallenhorde Killer – 1 mana for a potential 3/3 is good enough, but transformed it can be a 6/6.

1x Daybreak Ranger / Nightfall Predator – Anti-air as a human, and when transformed, she can kill 80% of Magic’s creatures with her Fight ability.

1x Briarpack Alpha –  Because of its Flash ability, this card can deal out some terrible damage.  It is a nice companion for a transformed Terror of Kruin Pass. Taking 6 damage?  Make that 12, mothabitch!

3x Immerwolf – If you have Immerwolf out and your humans transform, they’ll stay that way.  So this guy is pretty important to the functionality of the deck.  He has intimidate, which is always good, especially with buffers like Full Moon’s Rise out.  It’ll give him that extra punch.


1x Curse of Bloodletting – Attack your opponent’s weak points to inflict MASSIVE DAMAGE!

1x Curse of Stalked Prey – Damaged by a werewolf? Cry harder.  They just got bigger!

4x Moonmist – An integral part of the deck, this cheap spell is a surefire way to make an opponent shit his/her pants, especially if you have a load of untransformed humans out.

3x Full Moon’s Rise – A great way to give your wolves some balls.  If you find your werewolves slaughtered in battle for whatever reason, you can sacrifice this spell to bring them back from the grips of death.  Any casualties your opponent sustained in the battle will remain dead.

2x Hunger of the Howlpack – The Morbid ability for this card makes it ideal to play during your second main phase.


9x Mountain

9x Forest

1x Rootbound Crag – Red/Green Dual Land

1x Kessig Wolf Run – A land that can help give your wolves balls? Yes, plz. Ty.


No need for Advantage flea protection.  The blood of your mangled enemies is a wonderful substitute!  There are other great cards to have in this deck – like Huntmaster of the Fells – but he can be difficult to get because of his success in decks at the World Championship tournaments. Most of my decks are Type 2, so your mind can go crazy if you do not follow standard deck building rules.  Be sure to comment if you want to add something or tell me that I’m wrong.
Get your holy water ready, folks. In my next edition of BGtP, you don’t want to have the last name of “Belmont.” Why? Because it will be A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE!

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  1. Jeff Gallo
    Jeff Gallo says:

    Just a heads up, the link to ‘Howlpack Alpha’ has an extra L in html.

    Anyway, Magic sure has changed quite a bit since it first started. I really haven’t paid much attention to it since the Ice Age/Chronicles time, and even then I wasn’t really TOO into it. I wasn’t very good at it compared to my brother or his friends, and none of us were doing tournaments or anything. Still I’ve always enjoyed Magic and I look forward to future deck-based articles.

  2. Gregory Anderson
    Gregory Anderson says:

    Alright, Magic articles! I was hoping I’d see some of them. I’m using Vampires in standard currently, but I do like a lot of the werewolves.

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