Cosplay Round-Up: Week of March 4th

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Another week, another round-up of delightful cosplay. Enjoooooy~

1: Kasumi, by BunnyAyumi

Dead or Alive has spawned many sex symbols in gaming, and Kasumi might possibly be the most recognizable. This cosplayer knows what she’s playing and embraces it.

2: Batman and Catwoman

I’ll be honest, the image makes me a little sick (milk just gives me the ol’ heebie jeebies) but their Bat and Cat latex builds are fantastic.

3: Urd, Oh My Goddess

After sifting through so much bad cosplay on the internet, there tend to be a few diamonds that pop out. This cosplay restored my faith in humanity (and its ability to build costumes).

4: Gaston

To create a proper Gaston, you need:
+ One part Hasslehoff,
+ One part creeper,
+ One part Duane –

Mix thoroughly. Enjoy scaring away women with how realistic you’ve made an animated character.

5: Yuuko, XXXHolic

From exquisite handpainted elements (check out those clouds) to incredible construction, VickyBunnyAngel makes us happy.

BONUS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Terrier

This pup belongs in a fearsome fighting team. Well done, Sparky!

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  1. Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson says:

    Wow, that Urd costume is amazing.

    It takes an impossible combination of elements and makes them look perfectly natural. (of course she has wings and ridiculous sleeve/glove thingies and one leg covering, why wouldn’t she?)

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