The New DMC: A Discussion of Controversy

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I sat down to write about the horror that is Ninja Gaiden 3. After realizing that my rant could just be easily summed up in a short phrase, I deleted what I had written to make room for a newer and somewhat controversial game, DMC, the new Devil May Cry.

Since the teaser trailer hit the internet sometime last year, there have been countless discussions and rants concerning one thing; Dante’s new look. I myself hopped on the anti-dmc bandwagon there for a little while. First off, this is the first in the series NOT developed by Capcom but instead, Ninja Theory. Dante has somewhat long and shaggy white hair and is built on the muscular side. He wears loose pants and a long, red coat. That’s canon. Call me a rabid fangirl but that’s how it’s always been. Also, where is his Rebellion his father gave him? This new ‘Dante’, I just don’t even… He reminds me of a Twilight reject. He’s skinny, dirty, just, gross. I was papered to boycott everything that is Devil May Cry. I blotted the concept from my mind since the trailer aired until early December last year when I saw actual game play.

What the fucking fuck did I just watch? This. Is. Wonderful.

No matter how angry I was at Dante’s look, how much I wanted to hate this, I couldn’t help myself but love this video of gameplay. It brings back memories of legit Devil May Cry gameplay. The stylish and gory fight scenes warmed my insides. It was then that I decided to do some research. The story takes place in the city of Limbo and Dante must fight his way through the demented city. He is also apparently helping a female of sorts; perhaps a wandering or lost soul? I still wasn’t convinced too entirely until that I read that this game is set in a parallel universe and IS NON-CANON.

Praise the Sun!

When I read that, most of my lingering hateful thoughts sort of flowed away. Yet, they are still there. still there… Back on the controversy topic, Alex Jones, lead producer, received numerous amounts of death threats from fans in regards to Dante’s new look and the series’ reboot. Capcom also explained that they knew the reception of the new look would be negative and still pushed forward with the project. It should also be noted that if you are a gamer, you already know that Capcom is the biggest troll in the gaming industry right now.

So lets get some facts/theories down:

1:This apparently takes place in a parallel universe.

2. Dante is half demon. No one knows how old he is or how the demon’s in the DMC universe look at a certain age. This game could very well take place before the events of Devil May Cry 3. Before his white hair came to be.

3. Perhaps he does not have Devil Trigger yet. This could also be the reason for lack of silver-haired goodness.

4. He doesn’t have Rebellion, yet. That does not mean he may not get it later in the game.

5. When in doubt, just remember it is non-canon. That means the previous titles and the anime are not officially connected with this new one.

I still refuse to let this Dante be MY Dante; the one I grew up with. I will, however, refrain from hating it until I actually get my hands on some gameplay and view more story. What do you guys think about the reboot? Let me know in the comments.

Ninja Gaiden 3 is bloody terrible.

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  1. Jeff Gallo
    Jeff Gallo says:

    You know…all of this really could’ve been avoided if they just gave the main character a different name…made it a different character in the same universe.

    But whatever direction they go it honestly makes no difference to me, I haven’t played a DMC game since the 2nd one which I didn’t like nearly as much as the first. I can understand why some people would be kind of pissed though. It would be like turning Link into some highly stylized cartoony kid. (Oh wait they did that and it was amaaaaazing.)

  2. Brodie Young
    Brodie Young says:

    I have and had no beefs with this new Dante. This was bolstered by the fact that Team Ninja makes amazing games. I have never seen a company that does so well with production values. Heavenly Sword and Enslaved both gave off a great cinematographic feel that I have never experienced before. I have always had faith in this re-imagining.

    And I am pretty sure that I have seen gameplay in which Dante has white hair, but to my understanding it is only when he is in Devil Trigger mode. He also has a couple different types of trigger if I remember correctly. One activates in the air and the other on the ground.

  3. rsdelacr
    rsdelacr says:

    I have a very open mind when it comes to IP’s so when this new DmC was shown off it was really exciting for me. I do understand gamers response to the new Dante. It really shows how much they love their franchise. Much like how Sucker Punch! changed the image for Infamous 2  main character Cole, fans flipped their lids ultimately forcing SuckerPunch! to change him back to the old version which I feel is what happened here in some ways. 

    Chris Svensson from Capcom said(when the game was first shown) “This is meant to be an origin story, so this is Dante before you knew who Dante was.” It makes me believe that this is in fact originally CANON to the story however that has now changed. I’d like to point out some things that may make sense regarding to DmC being a possible canon title(even though now it isn’t)1.) At the beginning of the FIRST trailer a man through intercom says “Young offenders, rehabilitation program” where Dante was held. The program he’s in implies that he is even YOUNGER than the DMC 3 Dante.2.) This brings me to my next point. Its very possible that when we were all…lets say 16/17? we weren’t very fashionable(I know I wasn’t). Hence Dante’s scrawny look. Probably also explains why he’s so scrawny as well, he really young still.3.) Yes his hair is black, but when he goes into devil trigger mode it turns white. Since he is half-demon, don’t you think that at some point when he becomes older that his hair would turn white?

    and 4.) Regarding rebellion, it’s possible that his father(or mother whomever) kept it in safe hiding until he possibly proves himself?? He already has Ebony and Ivory so we’ll see. 

    This obviously won’t change anyone’s mind on the subject, I just always wanted to bring up these points. The new Dante will NEVER be the old one, I hope one day that he may be considered just as cool…or maybe even just cool. I REALLY like his voice actor though.

    Also, Ninja Gaiden 3 was fuckin horrible. I couldn’t even finish it for a review.  

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