Where Have All The Cosplayers Gone? | SDCC 2014

If there’s one thing that we look forward to each year at San Diego Comic Con, it’s the cosplay. As soon as we landed at SDCC 2014, I grabbed out my camera and headed straight to the convention hall. However, I was immediately taken over with a thought I could have never imagined passing through my mind:


With each day that passed and each day coming back with very few photos, I started to wonder if it was just me or if the cosplayers had in fact not come out to play? I would take a breath and tell myself, “Maybe tomorrow…”

Despite the large crowds (rumor has it that the attendance increased 30k) and large presence of popular properties on the show floor, the cosplay presence at San Diego Comic Con was relatively small and unseen by most. From what I was hearing from my colleagues, they were also wondering what had happened to the masses of cosplayers we were so used to seeing.

Had Comic Con become a purely attendee/collector driven event? Is cosplay purely a passing trend that is now dying out?

I am starting to wonder if cosplay at Comic-Con is in fact the latter. A combination of occasionally unbearable heat and a show floor as packed as a sardine can could be contributing to an overall decrease in cosplay. The best cosplayers in the world are becoming functioning professionals that are being paid to tour, sit at booths, and make appearances on their time, reducing the probability of them being seen outside wandering the floor or convention center. What is left is an overall reduction in casual attendee cosplay, or cosplay that is being worn being purchased from third-party vendors with duplicates seen in collective mass.

The convention itself is noticing an incredible shift as it becomes more and more a ground for launching new series/films and selling toys, and less about fandom/comics. (Mile High Comics has announced that they will not be coming back next year – after many years of being present)

Is the growing obsession with new media going to leave cosplay in the dust as well? Or was it purely a fluke this year?

Are you seeing similar occurrences at other events around the world? I would love to hear about it in the comments below or on the forums.

Check out our gallery of San Diego Comic Con Cosplay below:


Hard Body Expo- An Anime Expo 2014 Experience

This year turned out to be quite a handsome year for Anime Expo. Men were unabashedly exposing it all, no longer letting just the ladies shine in sexy, slim costumes. From the typical Free! cosplayers to gender bend Ryūko Matoi from Kill la Kill, the guys this year covered (wink wink) it all. As a female cosplayer myself, I know the struggle of loving certain characters for their spunk and attitudes, but they usually tend to not be very modest. Females can receive a hard time from their peers for not wearing much, but if you love a character sometimes you just have to accept that you will be quite exposed. Most of the guys embraced these new characters by enjoying the freedom of not wearing layer after layer and getting to run around freely without sweating up a storm.

Case in point.

Here are a few of our favorite hard bodies that had enough courage to embrace the characters they love, no matter the amount of clothes it did or did not take:

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Anime Expo Day 3 Cosplay

Just like the last two days, the cosplay at the 2014 Anime Expo has been phenomenal in craftsmanship and creativity. Here are some of our favorites from through out the day:

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