Ogeeku at Anime Expo 2014

We’re excited to have our first ever Ogeeku Booth presence this year at Anime Expo 2014! Let’s just say that this party cruise is about ready to take off!

DDR One Piece
*Pirates not included

Our team is hard at work preparing for the many events we’ll be hosting at our booth, and we would love to have you visit us every day of the convention until 9pm.

We are located in the Entertainment Hall just past Sega and across from the cosplay sets!

At the Ogeeku Gaming Lounge, we will be playing Nintendo 64 titles on our 100″ projector while we host sessions of popular tabletop titles with fellow Ogeeku. If you want to hang out with people who love everything you love, the Ogeeku booth is where it’s at! Our schedule will be as follows:


In addition to the games above, we will also have several consoles nearby to play on good ol’ CRTs (these include Sega Genesis and NES for some Duck Hunt action)!

For tabletop, we’ll be playing Magic: The Gathering, Settlers of Catan, Dungeon Roll, Zombies!, and RISK to name a few.

[Hint: Love Street Passing? Then be sure to swing by with your 3DS in tow!]


The Ogeeku Shoppe will feature original products from Ogeeku’s founders Jon Brence and Charlotte Parker, as well as awesome products from Locketship, JapanLA, Chubby Bunny, Geeky Glamorous, Messy Pink and Miss Kika!


We will also be hosting live interviews and broadcasts throughout the convention. We will be doing live recordings of our popular Twitch shows in the Gaming Lounge, as well as hosting special podcasts:

3pm – Sundaes with Chrissa
6pm – Ogeeku Podcast

12pm – Defective Geeks Podcast
3pm – Trek Radio – Adam F. and Andy M.

We can’t wait to spend the week with you all at Anime Expo!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live posts from the show floor – or tweet at @ogeekustaff if you want to meet up!


Ogeeku @ Anime Expo: Official Announcement

Anime Expo is less than one month away, and the Ogeeku crew is hard at work with preparing our first ever booth presence!


The booth will be in the Entertainment Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center and consist of three key sections:

1. Ogeeku Shoppe – Featuring exclusive original merchandise designed by Ogeeku as well as exclusive merchandise from friends of Ogeeku. Official list to come soon!

2. Basement Stage – Want to play some classic titles? We are setting up a gaming area with classic consoles and tournaments all day long. At night, we will be hosting Geek Trivia, podcasts and more on our mini stage. Come compete for prizes!

3. Tabletop – We will be hosting tabletop gaming and craft sessions all throughout the day. Want to learn how to build basic cosplay armor? Want to make your own mini Hikaru? How about compete in an epic match of MTG or Settlers of Catan? All of it will be happening in our tabletop section!

We will also have swag and goodies to give out throughout the day. Official schedule of events and list of partners can be found here on Ogeeku on June 14th!

In the meantime, we’d love to know what you’re most excited for! Let us know your thoughts in the poll and comments below:

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