How Parody Akibaranger Became Super Sentai's Best Series


Super Sentai is a long running series of tokusatsu shows. Started in 1975, it now spans 37 series with the same central premise: a super-powered and spandex-clad team fights against a villainous organization in the age-old conflict of good versus evil.

Over the years, there have been many homages to and parodies of Super Sentai, such as the Mad Midget Five from God Hand. Usually, these parodies poke fun at the core tenants of the series, with five multi-colored goofballs stumbling over themselves while yelling something about justice. While humorous, most of these parodies just take pot shots at the giant, though series like Astro Fighter Sunred will occasionally take the Super Sentai format and twist it.

Fast-forward to 2012, and the arrival of a new parody series: Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger. Produced by Toei, the same group that makes the real thing, the show looked like it was going to be a sequence of fun, but otherwise forgettable, jokes and gags based on the Super Sentai premise.



Instead, it’s one of the best toku shows of all time.

It’s Super Sentai for adults. Not because of the slapstick comedy, the villains’ low cut outfits, or the playfully juvenile titillation, but because it takes a surprisingly sophisticated look at tokusatsu fandom.

Akibranger follows the adventures of Nobuo Akagi, a 29-year-old delivery boy, otaku, and Super Sentai fan living in Akihabara. When monsters threaten the safety of his otaku-paradise, a scientist gives him special equipment that transforms him into the heroic Akibared. He’s joined by cosplayer Mitsuki Aoyagi, who becomes Akibayellow, and Yumeria Moegi, who takes on the mantle of Akibablue (until Season 2, when she’s replaced by wannabe idol Luna Iwashimizu). Together, this valiant team battles against the forces of evil that plague the city.


Except they don’t actually fight. Their equipment merely sends them into a shared daydream called the Delusion World, where they defeat the monster of the week with the power of their overactive imaginations. Basically, the Akibarangers are just three geeks pretending to be super-heroes in their heads.

Sound familiar?

All Super Sentai boils down to a battle between good and evil, and the protagonists are either what the target audience wants to be (ninjas, martial artists, powerful super-soldiers), or idealized versions of what they are (cool students, loving siblings).

But the Akibarangers are an entirely different type of team. Akagi drools over his favorite anime heroine. Mitsuki is steadfastly in-character at all times. Yumeria loses track of everything except the fight, and Luna selfishly focuses on her idol career over heroics. They transform with anime figurines. These aren’t paragons of justice. They’re people instantly recognizable to any adult fan watching the show. They’re reflections of the toku fandom, and a source of incredible wish fulfillment.



The Akibarangers’ understanding of “death flags” can turn the tide of a battle. Their encyclopedic knowledge of Super Sentai plot points becomes a weapon. And the deeper into their delusions they fall, the stronger they become. It all sets up a world where otaku are the ultimate warriors.

Meanwhile, the bad guys start as obvious metaphors for the dangers that plague an otaku’s life: male hosts, salarymen, etc. But by the end of the first season, we discover the real big bad in an amazing bout of meta-commentary: Hatte Saburo, the collective penname for the producers of Toei (the company that makes Super Sentai).



That’s right. The writers are Akibaranger’s greatest evil. It’s a fun way to explore the back-and-forth struggle between creator and fanbase that surrounds every artistic work, especially within the otaku community.

Unfortunately, the second season’s great evil is just some foreign production company. While that’s a disappointing downgrade in terms of self-reflectiveness, there is humor (and truth) to the idea that the only thing that can bring fans and creators together is the threat of a corporate buy-out.

It would be easy to do this parody and paint the hero-fans in a negative light. All of the Akibarangers are lovable fall-men ripe for schadenfreude. But, at the end of the day, they are the heroes. And in Super Sentai, the heroes always win.

Since the Akibarangers represent the fandom’s point-of-view, every aspect of the show sends the audience an overwhelmingly positive message. “You’re awesome. Even if your base is a hobby shop, your car is covered in moe decals, and you spend most of your time in your head… you eventually save the day. You are the hero.”

This is a power-up. Yes, really.


The producers of this series don’t just know their audience, they actively respect and appreciate them. They recognize that Super Sentai’s deep history is partially due to fan support. So, the series rewards its audience with a steady stream of old heroes and references to memorable moments from the past; moments that old Super Sentai fans recognize, and new Super Sentai fans are excited to discover. In this “unofficial” parody show, we somehow find the greatest acknowledgement of the long-running series’ legacy.

And yet, Akibaranger remains a light-hearted fun romp. There are a few striking moments where reality pokes through the upbeat tone, but the troubles are usually solved by the characters sinking back into the delusion. Again, this isn’t presented as a bad thing. Instead, the escapism is celebrated.

Don't lie. You always wanted to do this...


Akibaranger is a show that applauds those that made Super Sentai into a success. It’s a parody, homage, and love letter to the genre’s long history and the fandom that supports it to this day. This makes it one of the best Super Sentai series to date.

Now, if only we can get an Unofficial Rider…


Top 5 Power Rangers Time Force Episodes

So now enter Power Rangers Time Force one of many seasons that is often consider to be the best of the Power Rangers series, which I do agree that it is a good season in all and one most people should check out. Now for a little back story; the year is 3000 AD Earth is now a safe haven for all citizens and with the help of Time Force they captured all the bad guys, except one Ransik as he hijacks the cyro-prison full of mutants with the help from his daughter Nadira and his robot assistant Frax and escapes back into the past. After a battle with Ransik Alex the Red Ranger is critical injured, so now the other four rangers Jen the pink ranger Alex’s fiance, Lucas the blue ranger, Katie the yellow ranger, and Trip the green ranger takes Time Force’s time ship and lands back in the year 2001 in Silver Hills. While there the Time Force rangers met Wes Collins an ancestor of Alex (something to note they are both played by the same actor Jason Faunt) who helps them unlock the chrono morpher and the team now can fully become the Power Rangers Time Force.


#5 The Last Race

In this episode Lucas the blue ranger is reunited with an old rival of his Dash. Dash is a mutant racer that only has winning races on his mind and will do anything to win, as in the future his reckless driving caused several people to be injured and he was put in Cryo Prison. Now with him awaken in the 21st century he becomes Nadira’s personal driver now hell bent on racing again and challenging Lucas to that one final race. So it takes Lucas to try to see to it that Dash knows that there more to life then racing. What makes this episode great that it dives deep into more about Lucas the fact that even though he is a racer he knows that winning a race isn’t important when innocent bystanders can be hurt in the process. It also shows that so many people can be blinded by their obsession of winning that they can’t see what is important out there and that their reckless actions can hurt people out there.


#4 Trip Takes a Stand

If there was something that showed the clever mature writing of Time Force this episode would be a fine definition of it. In this episode Ransik unfreezes a monster named Notacon who looks like a tough monster but actually is a gentle mutant that was only arrested for stealing vegetables because no one would give him any food because of how he looks. Either way Ransik puts a control device on Notacon’s head and makes him cause havoc in Silver Hills. Trip breaks the mutant from the control and learns about the mutant’s struggle and realizes that not all mutants are crazy fiends that want to cause havoc. At the same time Eric the Quantium Ranger (We will get to him shortly) and his crew the Silver Guardians are on a pursuit to find Notacon and eliminate him at all cost. What makes this episode great that it deals deeply in something that is never really talk about a lot in shows Racism and Prejudice as the mutant struggles with letting people know he is not harmful at all but because of his label as a mutant they treat him as a criminal and also Trip with being the fact he is actually an alien with telepathic powers knowing that appearances doesn’t make a person who they are but what they do instead.

#3 Quantum Secrets

One thing that also that became unique in Power Rangers was the introduction of the Lone Sixth Ranger as they are not part of the main team as they preferred to work alone then join with the other rangers. One can argue that it was done last season but I really felt this season it perfected it really well. In this season we meet Eric Meyers who was once Wes’ best friend in private school but went their separate ways as Eric left the school to pursue bigger things. During a course of a mini saga Eric acquired the Quantium Ranger powers and the Q-Rex a power that was once thought to be lost. Even with his new ranger powers he still didn’t want to join the rangers as he stuck with The Silver Guardians a police taskforce funded by Wes’ father. In this episode the Silver Guardians discover how the Quantium morpher responds only to Eric’s voice knowing he is the only one that can use it, Ransik finding out about it sends a mutant prisoner to steal it and replicate the voice. So the mutant Conwing trick Eric into thinking he is needed somewhere else but gets him trapped forcing him to summon the Q-Rex causing it to wreck havoc in the city causing Eric to find a way to work with the others to get it back and discovering a new power source inside of him. What makes this great is how we learn more about Eric as he has two pet birds he takes care of and a little neighbor girl that he quickly befriends since she likes his pet birds. Also we get to see that even though he might be a tough guy deep down he is not all that bad. Plus it also introduces the Mega Battle Armor that he gets so that is a plus.

#2 Destiny Trilogy


For this here I label these three episodes the Destiny Trilogy as it is a series of three episodes connected by one another and leads to a really good overall theme this seasons deals across, being able to change your destiny. The episodes are Dawn of Destiny, Fight Against Fate, and Destiny Defeated as these three episodes together create one of the best sagas in Power Rangers. One thing to note in the previous episode Frax’s Fury we find out that Frax was once human named Dr. Freicks that helped Ransik when he needed help the most but Ransik turned on Dr. Freicks and destroyed his lab and Dr. Freicks reconstructed himself into Frax. During the episode Frax unleash a mutant called Venomark an X-Vault mutant that has the ability to infect people with a deadly virus. The only cure was a serum that Ransik had that Wes obtained and gave his father’s medical team Bio-Lab to make it in huge amounts. Frax then reveals his story to Ransik and defects from Ransik. Now with Ransik out of serum he heads to Bio-Lab and steals the remaining serum and injuries Wes’ father. Then Frax reveals he has a new giant robot he will release on the city. Then out of now where Alex the former Red Time Force Ranger from the future shows up in the present stating the rangers’ action has alter the course of history and he is back to set it right. Not only that he informs Wes that his father is in the hospital and will die the day after and Wes will inherit Bio-Lab as it is part of Wes’ destiny and Alex will resume the Red Ranger role. Things don’t go as plan with the rangers under Alex’s leadership and Wes is starting to question whether or not he is truly up for becoming CEO of Bio-Lab. Again this trilogy is great because it dives deep into whether or not we can change our own destiny to what we make it and how much Wes has grown as a character and as a leader to the Time Force Rangers. In the end everything works out and this is a trilogy of episodes to check out.


#1 The End of Time

No this isn’t the Doctor Who 2009 finale but actually the final three episodes of Time Force. So yeah I pulled another finale is the best episode of the series thing, something to note is that usually the final episodes are tend to be the strong points of the show and yes I noticed the last four Top 5 had them, but don’t worry the next few articles won’t have the finale as the best episode of the season. But back to the episode, Alex now back in the year 3000 reveal to the team that time of shifted and time portals are opening up all over the city, stating that unless they come back to the future they will die. So now the team has to decide whether to head back or stay behind with Wes to fight, following that Ransik finds Frax and reprograms him to be a faithful robot to him and pilot Doomtron a giant robot Frax made, next to that Nadria develops compassion and ponders on the compassion of humans after helping a women give birth. Wes tricks the other rangers back into the time ship knowing they have to head back in order to ensue their safety. With the portals opening up and turning to Eric for help both of them are up against all odds trying to save the city and saving time. Well what to say but it really shows are great the writing for the series can be with not only the city they have to worry about but saving time itself plus with the startling realization the characters have in this finale really stands out a lot. It does have one of the best final moments of the entire series with Wes saying his true goodbyes to his teammates and they depart back to the future at the end of the series and I’ll admit it did give me a tear. Overall this is probably one of the best finales to Power Rangers out there.


So those are my picks for the Top 5 Time Force episode, next time we celebrate Power Rangers 10th Anniversary with a wild series. Next up Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers Month: Top 5 Power Rangers In Space Episodes

So now we enter Power Rangers In Space, the season that was going to be the end one of the various endings to Power Rangers (well get to that soon). So with the series it was going to be the epic conclusion to Power Rangers six seasons and now bring it to an end. To get you caught up Zordon is now a prisoner of the Alliance of Evil led by Dark Specter. Dark Specter decides to pick someone new to attack earth and it is Astronema a mysterious female villain. Along the ways the Turbo rangers met Andros a human from a distant planet called KO35 and he recruits them to become the Space Rangers. With him assuming leadership and T.J. and Carlos becoming the new Blue and Black Ranger, with Ashley and Cassie retaining their previous colors. Also along the way they get Zhane a friend of Andros who was in a comatose state for two years after a battle on KO35, as Zhane becoming the Silver Ranger. Enough about that lets get to the countdown.


#5 True Blue to the Rescue/Always A chance











Alright I am going kind of cheat here and put two episode in the 5th slot mainly because they are both pretty good episodes. Each one involves a return of a previous ranger to the series in both of them are done pretty well. The first is True Blue to the Rescue as we find out what had happen to Justin after deciding to stay behind and bring proper conclusion to his story and things left unresolved at Turbo. In this episode Lighting Cruiser and Storm Blaster (Two ally AI cars the rangers use in Turbo that I forgot to mention) are shown being use to carrier parts of the Alliance of Evil, Storm Blaster escapes and seeks Justin for help. While this is going on Astronema kidnaps the rangers. So now it is Justin to the rescue as Storm Blaster restores his power to help him out. The other episode is Always A Chance as Carlos accidentally attack Cassie when a monster switched places with her during the fight. So now Carlos begins to doubt himself, then all of a sudden Adam shows up to help Carlos get over his self doubt and teach him how to rely on instinct not what is in front of him. We also find out Adam still has his Power Morpher with the Mastodon coin and that using it can be dangerous. What makes both episodes great is the return of two rangers helping the team out in a time of need. It also gives conclusion to their stories. But if you really want me to pick one I guess Always A Chance comes out on top as here it is more of giving guidance to someone when they are in need. Either both episodes are great.

#4 Rangers Gone Psycho

If there was one thing that made In Space awesome is the introduction of the Psycho Rangers. Whenever you think evil power rangers you think of the Psychos; they are menacing, dark, strong, smart, and pure evil. In this episode their is no exception. It begins with the rangers at the Surf Spot (The Juice Bar under new management) and discover a little handheld device that gives off the same sound as their communicators. They then see on the news 5 people wearing their ranger suit and start attacking the civilians. After a battle with them they realize they aren’t just any random citizens and find out they are the Psycho Rangers. They completely maul the rangers and use their skills to read their minds. Soon enough the Psycho begin attacking random civilians because they have the handheld device that emits the sound of the rangers morphers. Soon enough the Psychos become aware and still beat the hell out of the rangers. For once a team of evil rangers that define evil, not only the beat the rangers they are not loyal to one another as each one wants what they want. We also find out they are link to Dark Specter as they are secretly draining Dark Specter’s life energy and it was all plan by Astronema as a way to over throw him. Also another interesting fact the Psycho Blue is voice by Wally Wingert who you might recognize as Renji from BLEACH, The Riddler from the Batman Arkham games, and Wild Tiger from Tiger and Bunny.

#3 Astronema Thinks Twice/The Rangers’ Leap of Faith

Throughout the series their has always been a thing about Andros that he keep secret and that is his long lost sister Karone. When he was little playing with his sister, his sister was kidnapped by Darkonda who took Karone and give him to Ecliptor to be raised evil. On the same spectrum Astronema wonders about her past as she also has a locket with her long lost brother as well. It is soon reveal that Karone and Astronema are the exact same person. So now Astronema needs to figure out if she is really good or really evil. What makes these two episodes really stand out is it brings up a concept of whether people are inherently evil or raise to be evil. As here Astronema was once good but raise to be evil. It also shows how the rangers don’t trust her at first but she soon proves that she is truth worthy and save the rangers. Unfortunately it doesn’t last long as in the next episode Dark Specter’s Revenge Karone sneaks back on her ship disguises as Astronema but is so upper handed to where she is brainwash to be evil and having no memory of being Karone.

#2 The Enemy Within

With the Psycho Rangers saga we learn how the Psychos are disorganized as their selfish ambitions get in the way and ultimately lead to their downfall as now there are only three Psychos left Red, Black, and Yellow. In the previous episode Silence is Golden they assume human to find the rangers after memorizing their voices making them able to find them in crowds. With Cassie in there area it is all about being silent so they won’t find her. Eventually she let’s one slip and the Psychos are able to find her, but after quick thinking from the team they outsmarted them. But when the psychos turn into their true forms, they soon kidnap the Mega Voyager. Which brings us here as now the rangers finally find the Mega Voyager but the Psychos have a plan, to infect them from the inside of their Megazord with the help from Psycho Yellow. So now the rangers use their three other Megazords to fight off the two Psychos and Psycho Yellow is now controlling the Mega Voyager. Throughout the whole episode the rangers are finally having the match against the Psychos we wanted. As they have to use anything and everything to defeat them. Also the parts with the Megazords are really well done. Even after the Psychos destruction they return in Mission to Secret City and Ghost in the Machine as ghost and soon regain a physical form again. They soon attack the rangers for their final battle against them, but the rangers were successful in turning into data cards that they thought were lost in the explosion of Secret City. Until it is reveal Astronema has the cards and probably will use them again someday (will get to that soon).

#1 Countdown to Destruction

Alright you probably all saw this coming from a mile away on what is the best episode of Power Rangers In Space and I don’t blame you. Even after all these years the one great big finale that people praise and love is still Countdown to Destruction. So let’s not waste anytime here and get straight into it. Something I should mention back in the previous post I mention the Millennium Message and how it was to show the impending battle that will ensue in 2000. Well this is it despite the fact the year in Power Rangers In Space is 1998 the same year it aired, one can argue that events in both series cause the flow of time to change causing it to happen earlier then planned but regardless this was plan to be the final season of Power Rangers and knew they probably won’t make it to 2000 so they just make it happen early. In this The Alliance of Evil launch a full on invasion of the galaxy as every bad guy in Power Rangers return: Rita and Zedd, The Machine Empire, and Divatox battle the rangers of other planets (The Alien Rangers, The Gold Ranger, Phantom Ranger, and Blue Senturion). Soon Astronema heads towards Earth and launch a full on invasion. The rangers put up as much of an effort against them but to no anvil succeed. Soon Darkonda takes it upon himself to overthrow Dark Specter and Astronema with a destructive missile that can destroy Earth. He first hits Dark Specter and as soon he is going to attack Astronema, Dark Specter swallows Darkonda resulting in the destruction of both of them. Soon Astronema becomes the new ruler of evil and demands the rangers either surrender or she will destroy the cities one by one. Andros decides to reach his sister by sneaking aboard her ship and discover Zordon who told him that by shattering his tube it will release a powerful wave that will destroy the evil alliance. Soon Astronema and Andros battle and it result in Astronema’s “death”. With Ecliptor ready to defeat the red ranger, Andros finally decides to do what is right for the universe and shatters Zordon’s tube. What makes this great is the fact everything comes to an end the fact the rangers are for once up against the wall outmatch and without any megazords to use. Also the part where Bulk and Skull encourage the people not to give up, and the part where all the citizens of Angel Grove all say “I am a Power Rangers” show that isn’t take colorful spandex to become a hero. Also the part of Andros knowing that shattering Zordon’s tube would kill him he does it anyway knowing it can save the universe. All the parts are great including Astronema becoming Karone again and the rangers at the end knowing even after the fight they are still a team. Overall the best and still one of the greatest episodes of Power Rangers again


With that brings in end to Power Rangers In Space, lucky enough the ratings improved a lot that it warrant a new season to follow. As now we dive deeper into space and prepare for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Power Rangers Month: Top 5 Power Rangers Turbo

Alright we are diving deep into what most people consider one of the worst seasons of Power Rangers. Now there is three things about this season everybody needs to know; first off it is the first child power ranger Justin the blue ranger. Steve Cardenas left the show because he wanted to focus on his karate school and various other reasons, so in the Turbo movie they had his character suffer a back injury and had to past on his power to someone else Justin. This idea was brought up because they wanted to appeal to much younger viewers but it didn’t work as plan. I’ll admit Justin can be annoying sometimes but he is actually the most competent one of the groups, in short Justin isn’t that bad and pretty harmless. The second thing is the HUGE cast change that occurs in the show. What happened was Jason David Frank and Catherine Sutherland wanted to leave the show but told Saban they’ll stick around so they can find replacement, in the end Saban decided to replace all the old rangers. So during the episodes Passing the Torch the four rangers select a new candidate to take over as their successor. So we get a new Red, Pink, Yellow, and Green ranger as the ones who replace them are T.J., Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos respectively. At first it seems like it doesn’t make much sense but in actuality the ratings for the show went up after the switch whether it was because of the switch is up for debate. Also Zordon and Alpha 5 aren’t in it saying they are needed back on Zordon’s home planet and passes the duty onto to Dimitria and Alpha 6. The final thing is the sentai that Turbo is based off of Gekisou Sentai Carranger was actually more of a self parody of the sentai and use most of the footage as humor and slapstick, so when adapting it over some things never really made much sense. But anyways lets get back to this countdown shall we?


#5 The Millennium Message

In this episode a mysterious robot police officer called the Blue Senturion who is said to be from the future states he is here to deliver a message of an impending battle where in the year 2000 the Alliance of Evil will join forces and take over the Earth. He also reveal the final outcome in the video message but Divatox (the main villain of the series) erase that last part. She then tricks the Blue Senturion in joining forces with her claiming he suffered from a virus making it seem that the Power Rangers are the evil ones and not only that planting a time bomb in him so he can self destruct to destroy the rangers. What makes this episode great is the fact that something big is going to happen that is going to change the course of Power Rangers near the end of impending battle. Also the introduction of the Blue Senturion who becomes a major ally to the ranger and the introduction of the Extra Heroes as they call in Power Rangers.

#4 Vanishing Act

In this episode the rangers are just enjoying themselves with nothing to worry about. The guys are enjoying a game of basketball with each other and the girls are just enjoying themselves at the Juice when all of a sudden people start disappearing around them. It gets crazier when buildings are starting to disappear and the rangers find out the Power Chamber is gone all together. So now it is a race to find out what is happening and why everything is disappearing from them. This whole episode as a great build of suspense as everywhere the rangers go everything starts to disappear and trying to figure out how to get everything back to normal and who is the mastermind behind it.

#3 The Robot Ranger

All I got to say is this episode is pretty odd. I mean really odd as in one of those episodes that makes you feel weird when watching it. So let me explain the teens are just enjoying themselves at the Juice Bar until Justin discovers that Ashley is doing something to her wrist and is shown robotic parts. All of a sudden Ashley is super good in tennis just hitting every ball like it is nothing. Justin starts developing suspicions that Ashley might be a robot. Then all of a sudden everyone else on the teams starts acting very odd as if they might be robots. So now Justin is starting to panic thinking that these robot rangers might be part of Divatox’s plan and that they are after him. What makes this episode great is that it really puts you in Justin’s shoes on what is going on throughout this episode as he is panicking about these robot rangers and starting to freak out. Even though in the end these robot rangers are harmless and the fact is this version of Justin was a robot that was chosen as the test type to see how real they can respond to situations like this makes it seem pretty amusing in the end.

#2 Clash of the Megazords

Something I sort of forgot to mention is that in this season the rangers get one more ally which is the Phantom Ranger a mysterious ranger in black sent to Earth to help them out. A few episodes back Divatox enlist the help of her brother General Havoc to help her destroy the rangers. His first plan was a success as his monster totally beats the megazord and takes it with them to be use against the rangers. Then the Phantom ranger reveal a set of new zords that come in the Turbo Rescue Zords to aid them. Now we reach this point on where the two megazords battle each other is something we all wanted. The set-up is General Havoc steals the Phantom Ranger’s power ruby and uses it to control the Turbo Megazord. So now the rangers have to find away to retrieve the power ruby to get the Phantom Ranger back to normal. The whole episode is really action packed with the rangers finding ways to get the ruby and their megazord back. Also the fight scene with the two megazords look absolutely amazing in a sort of sunset fight scene with all this great action going on throughout this episode.

#1 Chase into Space

So now we reach the last episode of Turbo and really one of the darkest episodes of the season and one of the darkest finales too. In this episode Justin finds out that his dad has gotten a new job but it would involve him to move to a new city, at first Justin decides he wants to stay in Angel Grove and his dad agrees whatever makes Justin happy he will honor it. Next Divatox enlist the help of Goldgoyle a giant monster that will take on the rangers. The rangers find out the Zordon’s home planet of Eltar is under attack as they receive a distress call from Zordon, and Zordon tells the rangers not to come to his aid as they are needed back on Earth. The fight against Goldgoyle goes from bad to worse as it completely destroys their Megazords, only one less option to stop him is to combine their weapons and get in close enough to self-destruct inside Goldgoyle. T.J. successfully does it but it now leads them zord less and weapon less. Back at the Power Chamber Dimitria says she and the Blue Senturion are going to Eltar to help Zordon. While this is going on Divatox finds the Power Chamber and launches a full on invasion of the Power Chamber completely destroying everything in sight. Divatox celebrates her short victory as a mysterious messenger told her she is needed on the Cimmerian planet as orders from Dark Specter. So she abides and leaves, then the rangers emerge from the rubble now powerless as they decide they must go to the Cimmerian planet to stop Divatox. So after Justin convince the head of NASADA (A Government Space Station) that they are the Power Rangers and they need to use their ship the rangers depart, but Justin decided that he needs to stay on Earth with his father. So the ship departs as the rangers and Alpha 6 makes their way into space. What makes this episode probably the best is the fact it is a finale where the rangers don’t win and that only by pursuing the enemy they can find away to stop them. Not only that everything about is great the action, the drama involve, and the ultimate sacrifice Justin makes for his father makes it all the better.


So there is my top 5 Turbo episodes, next we leave Earth and depart into the next Power Rangers season and what was thought to be the final season of Power Rangers ever. A grand conclusion to what has been called the Zordon Era, next time Power Rangers In Space.